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Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston backs First Aid Five as part of World First Aid Day

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Save a life with
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Save a life
with First Aid Five!

A quarter of deaths are avoidable and staggeringly six out of ten deaths caused by injury could be prevented if everyone knows basic first aid.

Would you know what to do? First Aid Five is an easy online course that teaches you what to do in the five most common medical emergencies.

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First Aid Five
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Here at First Aid Five we know everyone can't attend a physical training course which is why our unique online programme has been designed to teach you the practical steps to save a life.

Written for families, schools and employers, finally everyone can learn life saving information to prevent the many avoidable deaths that happen every day.

Knowing what to do in those vital few minutes before the ambulance arrives literally is the difference between life and death.

Now you don't have to put off learning first aid any longer. Watch our 60 second video below then sign up in less than two minutes

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Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston wishes Brits knew how easy it is to learn basic first aid skills.

The actress plays Izzy Armstrong in the popular soap and says: "The statistics show how many lives could be saved if we all have a basic knowledge of first aid. The Red Cross says that 60% of deaths caused by accident or injuries could be prevented if people knew what to do before an ambulance arrives. My question, is would you know what to do? And now with the launch of First Aid Five it's easy to learn those life-saving skills."


For a one off cost of only £24 (special offer instead of usual £30 - use code WFAD20) you receive ongoing access and a guaranteed CPD certificate on completion. To sign up just click here or the sign up button below. You can start learning life saving skills in just two minutes!


First Aid Five is valuable learning for teachers at all levels and has been written particularly with secondary school children in mind. School subscriptions start from only £500. See our schools page for more information.

20% discount available in September 2019.


First Aid Five allows ALL employees to receive some first aid training. Often official work first aiders are not available in the event of an emergency. Employer subscriptions start from only £500. See our employers page for more information.

20% discount available in September 2019.

Course topics cover these areas

Heart attacks

The heart dies at 10% a minute in the event of a cardiac arrest. We teach you how to give CPR and use a defibrillator in our largest module 'Chest Pain' so you can keep your family member alive until the ambulance arrives.


Do you know how to tell if your mum, dad, brother or sister has had a stroke? Survival and recovery is dependent on spotting the signs early. We teach you what you need to know in our 'Strokes and Seizures' module.


Deaths from choking accidents average one a day in the UK. We teach you the simple steps to follow to help someone who is choking as well as other life saving tips in the three accident modules - Choking, Bleeding and Burns.

A life saving course suitable for everyone!

Easy to use

The course is split into five modules with bite-size parts and fun quizzes and is suitable for 11 years and upwards. It's engaging with animated medical videos and light hearted recaps by the First Aid Five team.

Guaranteed certificate

There is no pass mark . All you have to do to receive a certificate is complete the course. The certificate is accredited by CPD so it gives you a formal qualification that you can include on your CV.

Learn on the go

The course is optimised to work on laptops, tablets and mobiles, so can be accessed anytime. The course can be done in your own time in as little as a day or two, or over a couple of weeks. You can keep accessing the material even when you have completed the course to keep refreshing your knowledge.

What our First Aid Fivers have to say

We've included some of our reviews below. Still not convinced? Click here to check out our google reviews.

" First Aid Five is a brilliant way to learn first aid. Although I have been on first aid courses previously, I started to learn important new information immediately. The course is accessible, engaging, easy to navigate and great value. And you get a certificate for completing as well. "

Simon Adam

" First Aid Five has simplified the complicated world of first aid into five easily digestible sections. Whilst the topics are serious ones, the course content is easy to understand and has been produced in a light-hearted way so is fun to learn and easy to remember. I highly recommend this course. "

Mike Swain
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