First Aid Five are the only first aid exhibitors at these leading conferences

First Aid Five recognises how difficult it is to provide first aid training to all secondary school pupils and staff on a regular basis.

First Aid Five complements any existing training programme your school may already have by allowing the whole school (both pupils and teachers) to have ongoing access to an online course so they can continually learn and refresh their knowledge.

First Aid Five is also more comprehensive in that it covers five areas of first aid.

Medical emergency

Most schools experience a medical emergency of some sort during the course of a year either involving a pupil, staff member or even a visitor. Do all your children and staff know what to do until the ambulance arrives?

Infrequent training

Almost everyone would agree that it is just not possible to send staff and pupils on physical first aid training courses on a regular basis. There isn't the time or the budget to make it happen. First Aid Five provides the solution.


First Aid Five allows true teamwork across a school with both staff and children training on the same platform at the same time in the same way. "Do you know your First Aid Five" can become a school mantra.

First Aid Five for Schools

See our main homepage for further information on the course.

The main features for schools are set out below:

Video content

Plenty of video content ensures all learning styles and additional learning needs are catered for.

Fun quizzes

There are fun quizzes at the end of each lecture which provide immediate reinforcement of learning.

Learn on the go

Children and staff can access the course from any device any time. Great for holiday learning too!

Enhances curriculum

Course will complement any existing practical training and well-being curriculum.

Easy to implement

Very easy to set up with little ongoing administration.


Everyone receives a CPD accredited certificate for completing course. There is no pass mark.

Something new

An exciting initiative to include in pupil and parent newsletters for the new academic year or during the year.

Great for staff too!

Staff (both teaching and administrative) can be enrolled too providing them with a useful benefit and promoting a joint initiative between staff and pupils.

Low cost

Priced at only £1 per pupil and staff member for annual school subscriptions. Minimum subscription of £500. All prices exclude VAT.

Contact us for a demo call or more information

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How does it work if we want to go ahead? Three simple steps are set out below:


Step One

Email us at:

or call us now for free on:

0800 669 6853


Step Two

We will email you a school specific code for staff and pupils to use to access the site for free, as well as draft wording for you to include in emails to pupils, staff and in newsletters.


Step Three

We will be available any time to help with any queries you have.